Manual ice cream filler,ice cream filler funnel,ice cream liquid filler
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Piston funnel for ice cream liquid,ice cream filler funnel,Manual ice cream filler,ice cream filler 

We are 25years professional factory for stainless steel producs.

Year after year, we will gradually add more tools in ice cream production field.

Stainelss steel ice cream molds

Stainless steel ice cream scoop

Stainless steel ice cream spoon

Here comes stainless steel ice cream filler funnel

Following are ice ceam scoop for your references:

Any way, No matter how many molds you are using, you at least need one stick aligner.



Our molds are Best workmanship, by plasma robot welding, best quality, both inside and outside are smooth and flat, do not accumulate residua, easy cleaning, easy carry, easy operation.

Any time you need photos and video about operation, please contact us through whatsapp: +8618066213962

As a factory, To help buyers take samples to test quality, we have more than 20 different size and shape for you to select, please contact us for warehouse mold list.  MOlds are ready in stock for immediate delivery, by air express 6 to 9days in reach door to door, payment by paypal with buyer protection.


For your reference:

1) Ataforma molds cavity thickness is 0.5mm, our molds cavity thickness is 0.55mm, 

other factory in China cavity thickness is 0.8mm, so our molds are lighter than other Chinese molds, and stronger than ataforma molds.

Our molds is longer working life, durable and re-useable.

2) Payment by paypal with buyer protection

3) Minimum order quantity 1set

4) Delivery by air express door to door 6 to 9days in reach.

Somtimes Some People asks why we are not in alibaba?
1) We are professinal factory for ice pop molds, we have some buyers they are trading for our ice cream molds and they are selling on alibaba already for many years.
    We have been supplying molds to them for many years, we are already good friends and business partner. It is not good for our old buyer who are already selling on alibaba for years  if we also sell on alibaba.

2) Our buyers who are alibaba members for years, and they once lead us improve and help us in business also, they know very well how to operate alibaba account and get very good rankings. 
While for us, we only know how to produce good quality ice cream molds, and we are also satisfied with our current trading buyers. So we only want to focus on production and improving quality of our molds. 
At last we welcome any trading company to be our distributor in your country.

Our most popular type is 2x13 26cavities, 2x14 28cavities, 2x9 18cavities molds. 

Like brida, megamid, megamix, paleta, drill, hexgonal, lolly...etc. 

We also accept customized shape and design. just feel free to contact us.

Process by plasma robot welding, Cavity thickness is 0.54 or 0.6mm, lighter mold, easy handling, most other Chinese factory can only make 0.7mm or 0.8mm which is too heavy.  so our mold can freeze faster, improve productivity, and our mold is lighter, easy carry. 

Brazil ataforma mold cavity thickness is 0.52mm, so our molds are stronger than ataforma and ligher than other Chinese molds.

1. Real food class, CE approved, best quality in China, please order sample from anyone in China to compare quality.

2. Plasma welding, smooth, do not accumuate residua, no bacteria hide, easy cleaning.

3. Commercial use, widely used for popsicle machine and normal freezer with salt water or without salt water.

Volume    90ml or as per your request for example from 15ml to 250ml
Cavities 2X13 26cavities  
Stick holder  plain type or helix type as per buyer requests

We also have many other shape made into 2x13 26cavities molds. Following are for your refrence:

They could also be made into 2x14 28cavities.

We also have other shape made into 2X13 26caviaties.

Following are photos for  your reference:

We have many other type 2x13 molds for you to select.

Other photos for your reference: 

Followings are feedbacks from our buyers:

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